School of Built Environment & Development Studies

Vishnu Padayachee

Vishnu Padayachee

Vishnu Padayachee

Emeritus Professor

Contact Number 031-260-1439

Campus Howard College Campus

Office Address A716B 7th Floor, Denis Shepstone Building

Last Updated 5 years ago


 PhD (University of Natal, Durban)


  • Professor Vishnu Padayachee is a Distinguished Professor School of Economics and Business Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand (with effect November, 2014). He was until 30 June 2012 Senior Professor in the School of Built Environment and Development Studies, and former two-term Head of the School of Development Studies at the University of Natal (Howard College campus). In October 2012 he was appointed Professor Emeritus in the School of Built Environment and Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He was inducted as a member of the Royal Society of South Africa on 24 October 2012 (MRSSAf).
  • He received his PhD from the University of Natal in Economics and Economic History in 1989. He has authored or edited seven books, written over 30 chapters in books and published  over 70 articles in accredited academic journals including World Development, The Journal of International Development,  Metroeconomica, The International Review of Applied Economics, The Cambridge Journal of Economics, Revue Tiers Monde, The European Journal of Development Research, Journal fur Entwicklungspolitik, The Journal of Southern African Studies, The Review of African Political Economy, The South African Journal of Economics, the South African Journal of Economics and Management Sciences, Central Banking and Comparative Studies in Society and History.
  • His research covers a number of disciplinary fields within the broad themes of political economy, economic and social history, and development. His current research interests include monetary history, theory, and policy in South Africa; the Political Economy of restructuring South Africa, and a study of South African capitalism. His books include “(D) urban Vortex” (2002, with Bill Freund); “Blacks in Whites: A Century of Cricket Struggles in KwaZulu-Natal” (2003, with Ashwin Desai, Krish Reddy and Goolam Vahed); and “The Development Decade? economic and social change in South Africa, 1994-2004 (2006). His latest book ‘The Political Economy of Africa” (Routledge) was released in  April 2010. His next book-length manuscript  entitled “Capitalism of a special type? South African capitalism before and after 1994”, has been accepted for publication as a special double issue of the accredited journal Transformation (2013). He serves on the editorial boards of World Development and The Journal of Contemporary African Studies, and Transformation.