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Myriam Velia

Myriam Velia

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Dr Myriam Velia

Position Contract Research Staff
Phone 031 260 2101
Campus Howard College
Office Address Room F197 Memorial Tower Building


  • She has been involved with a number of projects while at the School. She was a full-time researcher at the School between 2001 and early 2008 when she joined Trade in Industry Policy Strategies (TIPS), a section 21 not-for-profit agency, as Head of Research. Myriam came back to the School in April 2010 on a part-time basis. Since her return, she worked on the evaluation of the Local Competitiveness Fund Implementation of Gijima KZN, one of a number of innovative funding mechanisms used for Local Economic Development in the province. She also worked with others on Growth Scenarios for agro-processing for the Department of Economic Development. She is currently one of the lead researchers on the study of medium and large manufacturing firms in eThekwini.


Book Chapters

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Conference papers

  • Valodia, I. and Velia, M. (2005) Varieties of manufacturing adjustment: evidence from firms in Durban. Paper presented at TIPS/DPRU Forum.