School of Built Environment & Development Studies

Magdalena Catharina Cloete

Magdalena Catharina Cloete


Discipline Architecture

Contact Number 031-260-1172

Campus Howard College Campus

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  • B.Arch postgrad. (UOFS)
  • B.Arch 4 year degree (UND)


  • Academic_ UKZN from 2012
  • Academic _ Lecturer at DUT 2007 – 2011
  • Professional Practice _ 15 years as Architect in South Africa and England

Areas of Research

  • Architecture and Childhood Development
  • Responsive architecture _ Contextual and user specific architecture.
  • Relationship between Theory and Practice as applied to the education of Architects


  • Architectural Design at both undergraduate and post graduate level.
  • History and Theory of Architecture teaching and curriculum development at undergraduate level.

Recent Projects/ Community Engagement

  • KZNIA educational committee chair in 2014.
  • Organising team for KZNIA new Paradigms Conference 2013