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Gerhard Maré

Gerhard Maré

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Professor Gerhard Maré

Position Emeritus Professor
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 PhD (Natal)


  • Gerhard Maré is a political sociologist with research interests in social identities (especially related to ethnicity , race and class). He holds degrees in comparative literature, development studies and sociology, from the Universities of Natal, and the Witwatersrand. He is an Emeritus Professor of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Gerhard taught at the University of Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal) from 1984 and served as Director of the Centre for industrial and Labour Studies and as Chair of the Department of Sociology. He was one of the founding editors of the journals Work in Progress (in 1977) and Transformation (from 1984).
  • He has written extensively on ethnic mobilisation, population removals, the apartheid bantustan policy, nation building in post-1994 South Africa, as well as on the continuation of race classification after apartheid.



  • Maré, G. (2014) Declassified: moving beyond the dead end of race in South Africa. Johannesburg: Jacana


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  • Maré, G., O. Bass, K. Erwin, and A. Kinners (2012) The possibilities of researching non-racialism: reflections on racialism in South Africa. Politikon 39(1),29-40.
  • Maré, G. (2012) ‘Broken down by race…’ questioning social categories in redress. Transformation 77, pp 62-79.
  • Maré, G. (2011) ‘Fear of numbers’: reflections on the South African case. Current Sociology 59(5) 616-34.