School of Built Environment & Development Studies

First Year architecture students and their Shelters


The brief required each student to design a shelter for two people to be erected on the southern lawn in front of Howard College.  Once they had designed their shelters they voted on which five they wanted to construct. Students were then placed in the five groups and worked out their strategy to construct the shelters with the limited materials available: 5 x sheets of Masonite 1450mmx1220mm, 3 x 3m lengths of 38mm x 38mm battens and various fixings such as glue, nails, screws, bolts.  They proceeded to the Architectural Workshops where, under the strict supervision of Noel Kunene and with the assistance of first year co-ordinator Bridget Horner, lecturers Roanne Oberholzer, Bonga Ntuli, Michele Jacobs and Ameen Shaikjee, they constructed their shelters. They were transported to the southern lawn in front of Howard College on Monday 28th March 2022 where they presented their schemes.

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