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Need to Prioritise Healthcare Services to the Elderly

Ms Sindiswa Ginindza.
Ms Sindiswa Ginindza.
Ms Sindiswa Ginindza.
Ms Sindiswa Ginindza.

Masters in Population Studies graduate Ms Sindiswa Ginindza hopes the findings of her research show there is an urgent need to prioritise healthcare of the elderly in South Africa 

Ginindza was awarded a Masters in Population Studies degree for research that examined the provision of healthcare services, with special focus on the elderly.

She identified that the elderly population encountered challenges when seeking and accessing healthcare, especially in rural and semi-rural areas, where the old folk experienced long delays at clinics, problems with transport and shortages of healthcare workers.

‘Despite all the challenges the elderly encounter, they continue to seek and access healthcare services because the healthcare workers have a positive attitude towards them. There is an element of Ubuntu in the findings as the elderly feel that due to their age, healthcare workers respect them and give them special attention,’ said Ginindza .

She hopes her research will provide the elderly with ‘a voice not only in South Africa but around the world. We need the elderly, they should not been seen as a burden but as people who bring a positive impact.’

Ginindza thanked her family, friends and supervisor for their support.

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