School of Built Environment & Development Studies

Humanities lecturer explores Virtual Classrooms in the time of COVID-19

Dr Zifikile Phindile Shangase.
Dr Zifikile Phindile Shangase.

Community Development lecturer Dr Zifikile Phindile Shangase of the School of Built Environment and Development Studies (BEDS) presented her research on virtual classrooms at the Africa e-Learning Conference 2020 in Johannesburg.

The two-day conference examined how learning leaders and business leaders can increase learning and performance through technology, which Shangase believes is relevant in the time of COVID-19. 

Shangase spoke on the virtual classroom project that aims to design a relevant virtual learning model that can be integrated within current curricula in order to enhance quality and effectiveness in Higher Education teaching and learning. ‘This project on university partnerships on co-teaching and learning via virtual classrooms will improve the learning experiences, skills and competencies of students and contribute to capacity building among participating emerging and long-standing academics,’ she explained.

This model is cost-effective as it applies existing resources that are available via learning management systems at universities, with no need to travel. Students can also collaborate on learning and research activities via virtual classrooms, with facilitated file sharing platforms.

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