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Masters student lands top Project Management Job

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Ms Zandile Msimango
Ms Zandile Msimango

Msimango said that, as a young mother, it is not easy to strike a balance between work and her studies. ‘Work can be quite stressful but it is all part of the growing process. I have never had an easy life so I have gotten used to certain hardships and I have come to understand that sometimes change is required for growth to happen,’ she said.

Her current research focuses on health-related issues, particularly the emotional issues faced by cancer patients and the  emotional support services available to them at public hospitals in eThekwini Municipality.

Msimango considers education as the key to a successful life. ‘Finding a job is hard. It is important for the youth to market themselves to the right people, grab every opportunity that comes their way and maintain a positive mindset and outlook on life. Do everything you can in order to succeed,’ she advised.

Ms Zandile Msimango
Ms Zandile Msimango

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