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Global justice, international relations and the quest for poverty eradication


Global justice, international relations and the quest for poverty eradication

Presented By  Prof. Alberto Cimadore (CROP Scientific Director / CROP Secretariat)
 Date  Wednesday, 06 September 2017
 Time  13:00 to 14:00
 Venue  Centre for Civil Society Seminar Room A726, Denis Shepstone Building, Level 7
Noel Keenlyside


Professor Alberto Cimadamore is a Lawyer (UCSF, Argentina) and a Political Scientist (UNR, Argentina) who has obtained his M.A. in International Relations at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (Argentina) and his Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles (U.S.A.).

He works as Scientific Director of the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP) of the International Social Sciences Council (ISSC) located at the University of Bergen (UiB), Norway ( In this position, he provides leadership in the intellectual development, implementation and co-ordination of CROP activities and joint projects with partner organizations and/or programmes.

He liaises with relevant partner organisations and promotes CROP at national, regional and international levels; ensures effective representation and links between CROP and other relevant research programmes and their sponsoring organizations, as well as relevant entities of the United Nations system. This includes the international policy community, stakeholders and funding agencies; play a major role in organizing CROP capacity building and outreach activities; and lead the acquisition of funding for the programme.

He previously worked as the director of the Area of International Relations of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO).

He is Professor of Theory of International Relations at the School of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Researcher of the National Council of Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET) of Argentina specialized in the areas of integration, development and poverty (currently on leave).

He was recently appointed (August 2016) Honorary Professor at the School of School of Built Environment and Development Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The event will be followed
by light refreshments