School of Built Environment & Development Studies

Degrees Offered

The following Structured Undergraduate Degrees are offered within the School of Built Environment and Development Studies:

  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of  Social Science (Housing)

HUM-BAS1 Eligibility

Applicants are required to submit a portfolio of creative work, to write an essay, and to complete a questionnaire; and should have passed Mathematics at Level 5. They must also obtain an APS of at least 30.

HUM-BAS2 Structure of the Degree

The following modules are offered for the degree of Bachelor of Architectural Studies, shown in the order in which they must normally be taken:

Level 1

1st Semester  2nd Semester  
Architectural Design &
Technology 1A
32ARCH101Architectural Design &
Technology 1B
Theory of Architecture 1A8ARCH103Theory of Architecture 1B8ARCH104
History of Architecture 1A8ARCH105History of Architecture 1B8ARCH106
Building Science (Solar
8ARCH107Building Science 1 (Solar
Theory of Structures 1A8ARCH109Theory of Structures 1B8ARCH110
128 credits

Level 2

1st Semester  2nd Semester  
Architectural Design &
Technology 2A
32ARCH201Architectural Design &
Technology 2B
Theory of Architecture 2A8ARCH203Theory of Architecture 2B8ARCH204
History of Architecture 2A8ARCH205History of Architecture 2B8ARCH206
Building Science (Electricity &
8ARCH207Building Science (Heat in
Buildings) (8)
Theory of Structures 2A8ARCH209Theory of Structures 2B8ARCH210
128 credits

Level 3

1st Semester  2nd Semester  
Architectural Design & Technology 3A32ARCH301Architectural Design & Technology32ARCH302
Theory of Architecture 3A8ARCH303Theory of Architecture 3B8ARCH304
History of Architecture 3A8ARCH305History of Architecture 3B8ARCH306
Building Science (Acoustics)8ARCH307Building Science (Passive Solar Design8ARCH308
Theory of Structures 3A8ARCH309Theory of Structures 3B8ARCH310
128 credits

A Comprehensive Review of all work is undertaken at the end of Semester 3.

Assessment of Housing Technology and Housing Theory and Practice is based on continuous assessment and portfolio-based examinations, for which no supplementary examinations are granted.

Level 1

First SemesterSecond Semester
Level 1
HOUS101 Housing Technology 1A (16C)HOUS102 Housing Technology 1B (16C)
HOUS103 Housing Theory & Practice 1A (16C)HOUS104 Housing Theory & Practice 1B (16C)
CMDV101 Intro. to Community Development Theory (16C)CMDV104 Institutions on Community Development (16C)
ECON111 Intro to Economic Concepts (16C)MGNT102* Management 120 (16C)
128 credits

Level 2

First SemesterSecond Semester
HOUS201 Housing Technology 2A (16C)HOUS202 Housing Technology 2B (16C)
HOUS203 Housing Theory & Practice 2A (16C)HOUS204 Housing Theory & Practice 2B (16C)
CMDV203 Development Theories(16C)HOUS206 Construction Economics (16C)
HOUS205 Human Habitat (16C)CMDV202 Programme\Project Planning (16C)
128 credits

Level 3

First SemesterSecond Semester
HOUS301 Housing Theory and Policy (32C)HOUS302 Housing Implementation and Management (32C)
HOUS306 Sustainable Human Settlements
HOUS303 Research Techniques in Housing (16C) 
HOUS307 Estate Development & Management (16C)HOUS305 Project Management for Housing (16C)
128 credits
Undergraduate Administrator: Architecture & Housing

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Ms Ranjinie Naicker

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