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Young people, even those who are still attending high school, are often keen in doing volunteer work, or finding ways of contributing to the welfare of their communities. Many teenagers and young adults come to university with a desire to combine theory with practice. They are not only interested in understanding the world in which they live, they are also keen to use their knowledge to bring about positive change. These young people with a social conscience and a curious mind are ideal candidates for the Community Development Programme. The Community Development Programme seeks out school students who achieve good grades at school and are keen to do be actively involved in community development work. A structured degree programme caters for those who enter UKZN with the aim of becoming professional community development specialists.

Bachelor of Community Development Studies:

Introduction and background:
The Bachelor of Community Development studies (BCMDST) is an undergraduate programme designed to equip graduates with skills in community organising; project design, planning and management; leadership and management of NGOs and CBOs; corporate social responsibility and public affairs management; local economic development; training and development and managing change.

The programme is intended for a wide range of practitioners, especially those wanting to work in the different areas of community upliftment in Local Government, with NGOs and CBOs and corporations with corporate social responsibility programmess or training and development.

The purpose of the programme is to produce qualified community development practitioners. Such practitioners will be equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to initiate, implement and manage social and economic development at all levels. The programme is also broadly designed to build competence and to provide a professional qualification for community development practitioners already involved in the field and those aspiring to get involved.

Course Outline:

Community development is offered as a major within the three year general social sciences degree structure. A second cognate major is chosen alongside the Community Development major, to fulfill the requirements of the general Social Science Degree. In total, students need to obtain 384 credit points to complete the degree.

List of First, Second and Third-Year Modules in the Community Development Programme

For most modules assessment will be based on a mix of individual and group coursework assignments, tests and a 3 hour final exam at the end of each semester.

Entry Requirements:
Students should obtain a Matriculation
Exemption with at least 30 points.

Application and Selection:
While enrolment into the programme is not limited, it is competitive and prospective students are advised to apply early.

Central Application Office (CAO).
Phone Numbers:
Call Centre: 031 268 4444
Share Call: 086 0860 CAO / 086 0860 226
Fax Number: 086 622 8828
If faxing from outside South Africa use +27 31 268 4422

For further information please contact:
Mr Kogan Naicker
Tel: (031) 260 2340