Hans Hallen. Selected 1960s Projects in Durban

Hans Hallen architect and multi-faceted personality, played an important role in South African architecture of the 1960s to the 1980s, especially in Durban city. Initially the architectural and construction solutions he developed drew from the language and forms of the Modern, but were then rein¬terpreted in an eclectic and original way, with particular attention to links with the site and the articulation of pathways.

This book, which is published on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday, is a col¬lection of essays on a selection of the architect’s early projects, using the parti¬cular relationship between his architecture and drawings as a common thread. The first three contributions by Silvia Bodei, Walter Peter and Rodney Harber highlight signifi¬cant architectural and spatial aspects of some of his works for collective use in the 1960s. Michele Jacobs presents the materials kept at the Technical Reference Library, focusing on the documents in the section dedicated to Hans Hallen. The publication ends with an interview to the architect, who has lived in Sydney (Australia) since 1987, in which he talks about his projects, interests and methods.