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PAN African Housing Conference 2022


The Pan African city on the continent and its diaspora can be envisioned as the engine of cultural, social, economic vibrancy and growth. Quite a lot has been written, idealized, researched, and memorialized about the Pan African city on the continent and the diaspora; yet there is still more to learn and understand about the dynamics that drive it. Transforming from being a mere “colonial seat” to an “economic hub” whose activities have attracted other diverse activities, the Pan African city posits itself as a platform for spatial, social, and economic change. Its growth over the years has transformed physical space and attracted people from different walks of life who seek to live a fulfilled life. Hence the Pan African city emerges as a dynamic centre whose depth of opportunities is fully comprehended amid perpetuating misery. 

The colonial divide which symbolized the city yesterday still manifests itself today in yet other dimensions amid the continual search for a better tomorrow. It is indeed no secret that amid its growth, the Pan African City has had its fair share of challenges – hence a better tomorrow can only be achieved by analysing and understanding the past and the present. From this perspective, this Symposium seeks to unravel the dynamic forces of the Pan African City at work to contribute towards lasting solutions.

The conference held between 27th and 29th June 2022 with about four hundred online registrants and about twenty physical participants who were hosted at the ICS Boluga Board room Level 5, Dennis Shepstone Building, Howard Campus UKZN. The Conference had twenty-eight papers presented across four rooms for two days. The rooms were manned by academics from across various disciplines in UKZN and others outside UKZN.

Every day of the conference had a plenary session were various keynote speakers were invited to speak on various aspect of housing and challenges related to housing. The plenaries had both the town and gown making presentations. The opening keynote speaker has Mr Louis Borunda the Deputy Secretary of State, State of Maryland United State of America. The day two had the U.S Consular General to Durban Ms. Annie Linnee as a keynote speaker, Professor Y. A Sanusi from Nigeria, Mr Matin Lewis of SACPLAN, Ms Patricia Wells from United State of America amongst others making presentations on plenary session.

The day three of the conference hosted the panel discussion. Two panel discussions where hosted with an expert panel hosted by Mr Ralph Schautt from Germany and six other participants. The second panel session tagged the student panel was hosted by UKZN PhD Candidate in Town and Regional Planning, Mr Samuel Medayese and Mr Elson Nash from University of Maryland United state of America, bringing together students from various institutions around the world to discuss the challenges of housing, leadership and student responses to the challenges identified.

The conference was organized as a collaboration within about thirteen institutions in America and South Africa.

Samuel Medayese Organizing Secretary

Pan African Housing Conference 2022