Kerry Vermaak

Dr Kerry Vermaak

Position Lecturer
Discipline Population Studies
Phone 031 260 2285
Campus Howard College
Office Address A727 7th Floor, Denis Shepstone Building


  • Kerry Vermaak has a background in research psychology and has previously worked as a researcher in the academic, private and NGO sectors.


  • Kerry has worked on a variety of research projects related to public health issues, particularly around HIV/AIDS. Research projects on sexual behaviour and HIV risk have included behavioural surveillance surveys of sex workers,  taxi drivers and migrant workers; the acceptability of female condoms; community based voluntary counseling and testing. Projects where biological markers were collected include an evaluation of the HIV component of the Integrated Management of Childhood illness;  a survey of STI and HIV seroprevalence among truck drivers; surveys of youth sexual behaviour and STI and HIV seroprevalance; substance use and sexual behaviour among adult arrestees.  Her health systems research has focused as facility factors impacting on the uptake of voluntary counselling and testing; referral and support mechanisms within the district health system, and the integration of the PMTCT programme into routine maternal and child health services.



  • Kerry teaches  the Population and Health and
  • Research Methods I modules in the Population Studies and Development Studies Masters Programme.  She also a supervisor to  a PhD student.



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